Highland Koshimizu

Big Panorama over 180°

Moving from Kawayu Onsen on Kawayu Abashiri 102 Line, youwill see the sign of Highland Koshimizu 725. Highland Koshimizu is located in 725m high just like the name, and you can see Lake Kussharo, Atosa-nupuri and Mt. Kabuto “Makuwan-chisap” and Mt. Boushi “Sawan-chisap”. This is also the spot where you can see Mt. Oakan, Okhotsk sea and ranges of Shiretoko in a fine day. It may be a good idea to compare the scenery between Mt mokoto viewpoint parking and Highland Koshimizu.

You can see the sea of the cloud easily

The short walking path which view of Kawayu Onsen, Kussharo Caldera and Lake Kussharo is different from the rest house is set. Also, you may have a chance to see a sea of clouds in Kussharo Caldera in the early morning. From Kawayu Onsen, this viewpoint is closer than Tsubetsu Pass to visit. However, according to the weather condition, sea of the clouds sometimes does not exist. Please check the weather conditions before leaving.

Climbing Mt. Mokoto

You can start climbing Mt. Mokoto from Highland Koshimizu. Entrance is already 7th stage of the mountain and it is not hard mountain to climb. Therefore, many children and adult can climb. It is recommended for people who want to enjoy scenery of Lake Kussharo and Okhotsk sea at the higher point than viewpoint. Of course, do not forget to equip well and take gears not to meet bears. Rest house is open from May to October. Also, Please be careful that the road towards highland Koshimizu from 102 Line is closed during winter.

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Access(Airport, JR & Bus)

From Kawayu Eco-Museun Center
No Public transportation from Kawayu Eco-Museum Center

From Kushiro/Kushiro Airport
Kushiro Airport ⇒ Kushiro Airport Shuttle Bus(About 45min) ⇒ JR Kushiro Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(About 1hr40min) ⇒ JR Kawayu Onsen Station ⇒ Akan Bus(About 10min) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

From Abashiri/Memanbetsu Airport
Memanbetsu Airport ⇒ Memanbetsu Airport Shuttle Bus(About 30min) ⇒ JR Abashiri Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(About 45min ⇒ JR Shiretoko Shari stationJR Senmou Line(About 45min) ⇒ JR Kawayu Onsen Station ⇒ Akan Bus(About 10min) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

From Nakashibetsu Airport
Nakashibetsu Airport ⇒ Nakashibetsu Airport Shuttle Bus(About 30min) ⇒ Nakashibetsu Bus turminal ⇒ Akan Bus(About 1hour30min) ⇒ JR Shibecha Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(About 30min) ⇒ JR Kawayu Onsen StationAkan Bus(About 10min) ⇒ Kawayu Onsen

*No Public transportation to the entrance of Mt. Mokoto Trail. Please use taxi from Kawayu Onsen or station. JR Kawayu Onsen Station is the nearest Station, but Taxi is not always waiting due to small station. Please book the guide tour or taxi before you come.

Access (by car)

638 447 146

From Kawayu Eco-Museum Center
Kawayu Eco-Museum Center ⇒ 391 Line・102Line(About 20min) ⇒ Mokoto Pass

From Kushiro/Kushiro Airport
Kushiro City ⇒ 391 Line・102Line(About 2hours45min) ⇒ Mokoto Pass
Kuhsiro Airport ⇒ 53Line・102Line(About 2hours15min) ⇒ Mokoto Pass

From Abashiri/Memanbetsu Airport
Abashiri City ⇒ 244 Line・102 Line(About 1hour30min) ⇒ Mokoto Pass
Memanbetsu Airport ⇒ 334Line・102Line(About 1hour 30min) ⇒ Mokoto Pass

From Nakashibetsu
Nakashibetsu Airport ⇒ 13 Line・243 Line・391 Line・102 Line(About 1hour45min) ⇒ Mokoto Pass