Integrated Study

Important method which we make a point of as an integrated study cooperating with local school is to proceed a study plan checking basic vision and aim with teachers. Kawayu Region in Akan National Park contains promitive nature characterized by “Forest”, “Lake” and “Volcano”. We provide nature activities and an accistance in the field of Mt. Iwo, Tsutsujigahara, Sakhalin Spruce Forest or Lake Kussharo whike taking the integrity of the textbook. Table below is an example of activities.

■Elementary School

Grade Aim
1-2 grade We do activities using textbook “life”.
3-4 grade We do activities using textbook “science” and “Social studies”
5-6 grade We do activities taking steps “observation – question – resolution – anouncement”.
Grade Mt.Iwo/Tsutsujugahara(June) Sakhalin Spruce Forest(September) Lake Kussharo(Feburary)
1-2 grade “Let’s go to Tsutsujigahara”
We enjoy walking on the tsutsujigahara nature trail.
“Forest Nature Watching”
We enjoy walking on the Sakhalin Spruce Forest nature trail.
“Let’s go to Frozen Lake Kussharo”
We enjoy observing ice pressure ridge and white swan around Lake Kussharo.
3-4 grade “Find plants around and history of Mt.Iwo”
Explore heritage of Mt. Iwo mining factory and labrador tea tree using worksheet.
“plant and animal watching in the forest”
We research the connection between plant and animals.
“Water changes to Ice”
We learn how water changes to ice and chatercteristics of ice.
5-6 grade 5 grade “Research nature environment in Tsutsujigahara”
6 grade “Research soil of tsutsujigahara and history of Mt. Iwo”

We research plant, soil, temperature, ph around Mt.Iwo to know effect from Volcanic activities.
“Forest and log”
We observe antural forest and artificial forest to know how log is used in human’s life.
“Ice pressured ridge and animals around Lake Kussharo”
We lecture Swan’s flight path and count the number of Swans. We also learn Ice pressured Ridge.

■Junior High School

Grade Content
1-2 grade June We research soil pH, temperature and environment of Mt. Iwo and Tsutsujigahara. July We research soil pH, temperature and environment of Onsen river and Lake Kussharo. Feburary We reaserach Wakoto Peninsula and Ice pressure ridge.
3 grade May We guide what we researched in 1st grade in the center to visitors.