Park Volunteer

About Park Volunteer

About Park Volunteer

“Park Volunteer”is people who understand the aim stated in the preceding paragraph, who is listed by eacg nature protection director in different National Parks and who act on one’s own initiative for volunteer activities.


Its aims are to enhace protection, user’s guidance or any activities in National Park through the people’s participation and to encourage a public awareness of natural protection ideas.

Volunteer Activities

Park Volunteer cooperate for Nature Guide, User’s Guidance, Wildlife Protection, research, maintenace of facilities, beautification and etc.


We beautify nature in Kawayu Region.

Beautification of Lake Kussharo Marigoke beach, around Sunayu


We maintain climbing trail and nature trail in Kawayu Region.

Mt. Mokoto Rope On and off, Mt. Mashu climbing trail sasa mowing, Mt. Ponpon rope on and off


We do different workshop to improve park volunteer’s skill.

First Aid, Nature Watching, Blakiston’s fish owl, etc


We cooperate for events run by Kawayu Eco-Museum Center.

Nature Event, Mori no Pallette, Colloction of meterials for nature craft, etc