Ura-Mashu Viewpoint

About Ura-Mashu Viewpoint

Ura-Mashu Viewpoint is located in North-East side of Lake Mashu at Ura-Mashu Viewpoint which is at the middle of Kiyosato-cho and nakashibetsu-cho. Lake Mashu has 3 viewpoints of Mashu Viewpoint 1, Mashu Viewpoint 3 and Ura-Mashu Viewpoint. Because you can see rocky side of Mt.Mshu from West side of Lake Mashu, west side of Lake mashu is called the face, and East side of the lake is called back “Ura”. There is a parking which about 15 cars can stop, souvenir shop and toilet. As the road to Ura-Mashu viewpoint is closed during Winter, you can use viewpoint from the end of April – the end of October. Compared to other viewpoint, you can enjoy scenery because not many people visit.

Difference from Viewpoint 1 and Viewpoint 3

As trees are in front of our eye level, view is not broad compared to viewpoint 1 and 3. However, you can still see Lake Mashu. Because you cannot see the crater of Mt.Mashu, scenery lacks moving, but Mt Mashu is very close to be seen. Range of Mashu caldera is very steep and you can see different scene of landscape from viewpoint 1 and 3. Also, the height of Ura-mashu Viewpoint is 585m which is between the height of viewpoint 1 and 3.

Recommended place near Ura-Mashu Viewpoint

There is a pond called “Kami no koike” near Ura-Mashu Viewpoint in Akan National Park. Moving 10min on 1115 Line towards Kiyosato-cho from Ura-Mashu Viewpoint, you will see the entrance of mountain road on the left hand side. Driving 2km on the mountain road, and you will see the parking. Kami no koike means God Small pond which is from Lake Mashu meaning god lake. It is said that 12,000 tons of water springs out everyday at Kami no koike. Although the surround of the pond is 220m and depth is 5m, water is very clear and you can see the bottom of the pond very clearly. This Kami no koike which is very mysterious pond changes its water color due to the angle of the sun’s light. As the temperature of the water is about 8 degree through the year, fallen tree is not being rot at the bottom of the pond.

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Access(Airport, JR & Bus)

From Kawayu Eco-Museum Center
Kawayu Eco-Museum Center ⇒ Akan Bus(about10min) ⇒ JRKawayu Onsen Station ⇒ JRSenmou Line(about15min) ⇒ JR Midori Station

From Kushiro/Kushiro Airport
Kushiro Airport ⇒ Kushiro Airport Shuttle Bus(About 45mins) ⇒ JR Kushiro station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 1hr 40mins) ⇒ JR Midori Station

From Abashiri/Memanbetsu Airport
Memanbetsu Airport ⇒ Memanbetsu Airport Shuttle Bus(about 30mins)  ⇒ JR Abashiri Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 45mins)  ⇒ JR Shiretoko Shari Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 45mins) ⇒ JR Midori Station

From Nakashibetsu Airport
Nakashibetsu Airport ⇒ Nakashibetsu Airport Shuttle Bus(about 30mins)  ⇒ Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal ⇒ Akan Bus(about 1hr 30mins)  ⇒ JR Shibecha Station ⇒ JR Senmou Line(about 30mins)  ⇒ JR Midori Station

*There is no public transportation to Ura-Mashu Viewopint. Please use taxi and any other way from nearest station. JR Midori Station is the nearest station, but there is no taxi staying in front of the station.

Access (by car)

910 038 748

From Kawayu Eco-Museum Center
Kawayu Eco-Museum Center ⇒ 391Line・1115Line(about1hour20min) ⇒ Ura-Mashu Viewpoint

From Kushiro/Kushiro Airport
Kushiro city ⇒ 391 Line・13Line・885Line・150Line(about2hour30min) ⇒ Ura-Mashu Viewpoint
Kushiro Airport ⇒ 53Line・243Line・885Line・150Line(about2hour40min) ⇒ Ura-Mashu Viewpoint

From Abashiri/Memanbetsu Airport
Abasiri city ⇒ 244Line・391Line・1115Line(about1hour45min) ⇒ Ura-Mashu Viewpoint
Memanbetsu Airport ⇒ 334Line・391Line・1115Line(about2hour) ⇒ Ura-Mashu Viewpoint

From Nakashibetsu
Nakashibetsu Airport ⇒ 150Line(about1hour15min) ⇒ Ura-Mashu Viewpoint