Close day in April 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th Open TIme 8:00~17:00

Winter Guide Walk

We can guide you around EMC for about 20-30 mins. Why not walk in Sakhalin Spruce Forest? You can figure out the charecteristics of vegitation around Kawayu Onsen. You need to rent snowshoes in Winter. *Snowshoe Rental 300yen Longboots 200yen *We cannot run guide walk if there is another event or staff absence.

2F Gallery

Old Teshikaga Gallery「Sightseeing Poster and Old gears」

8 Sightseeing Posters since Akan National Park was registered in 1934 are displayed and you can feel long history of National Park. Gramophone, Raw Milk cans, elementary school desk used in early showa era and etc are displayed. Why don’t you look, touch and feel old time of Teshikaga?

Shinobu Katase Photo Gallery「Mashu and Me」

Magnificent Scenery, small wild flowers, sea of the clouds, ice on tree, moon night and any other contents made of Mashu are the models. Please re-recognise Lake Mashu after visiting Photo Gallery.

Information about Volcano in Akan National Park
Provision of Information for Climbers (Japan Meteorological Agency Homepage)

You can check information of the volcanic activities in Akan National Park released by Jaoan Meteorological Agency

Meakandake / Atosanupuri(Mt. Iwo) / Mt. Mashu